Helsinki bike parking concept


Bike rack concept for the City of Helsinki 2017

  • Own bicycle rack for the city of Helsinki
  • Street sign for the rack
  • Mobile application
  • Launching campaign

New type of bicycle parking concept for the city of Helsinki. The parking spots would be attached with the technology giving information of the free racks for use and the time of the use of each individual. Idea is to let park the bicycles in a very secure way but maximum 24 hours to prevent parking areas getting full of bikes forgotten there and them to be in access for active users. Mobile app will be supporting this service.   


Project management  Sini Mäkinen

Product & Service design Sini Mäkinen, Teemu Haranko, Milka Tanskanen, Antti Kulovesi

Poster/Campaign design Sini Mäkinen

3D modelling Teemu Haranko

Prototype Teemu Haranko

Photo editing Milka Tanskanen